13% Battery Left. Recharge soon

Make the Most of Your Time.

13% Battery Left. Recharge soon

I've got some good news and some bad news. First, the good news is that I’ve managed to maintain my vacation tan for a record-setting two weeks. (I suspect my award will arrive any day now.) Now on to the more dubious news; we’re officially approaching the end of 2019. As of today, we are 55% of the way through November and 87% through 2019.

If this was a particularly difficult year for you, this might be a great time to start celebrating. For those of us feeling burdened by this realization, I encourage you to shift your mindset. Not only do you still have time to be productive, but you also have the perfect (~) 6-week sprint before starting a new year.

For me, I plan to end the year strong, rest, and reset my priorities. But, before the year ends, I prefer to set my final push goals:

  1. Meditate and journal every day
  2. Exercise 3-5x each week, even during the holidays
  3. Sprint through some remaining work projects
  4. Reflect on 2019 goals and prepare for 2020 goal-setting
  5. Enjoy the holidays and prioritize time with friends and family

Once the year is closer to ending, let’s check back in on those goals and set a new list for 2020. For now, let’s make the most of our remaining time.

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