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Hello friends,

Welcome to 2020—I have some big, exciting (scary?) news to share! Unfortunately, the updates are not fully baked and ready for consumption. For now, enjoy this amuse-bouche version of my weekly newsletter.

- Kevin K.

Worth Reading

1. Three Theories for Why You Have No Time – Derek Thompson

tl;dr, technology creates less work, but more opportunity to overwork—and we just can’t help ourselves.

2. The flaws a Nobel Prize-winning economist wants you to know about yourself – Eshe Nelson

tl;dr, complex mathematics will not replace human behaviors.

3. Fast – Patrick Collison

tl;dr, incredible things can be done quickly. The iPod is one of my favorite examples:

iPod. Tony Fadell was hired to create the iPod in late January 2001. Steve Jobs greenlit the project in March 2001. They hired a contract manufacturer in April 2001, announced the product in October 2001, and shipped the first production iPod to customers in November 2001, around 290 days after getting started. Source: Tony Fadell.

Apps & Tools I’m Using

Journalistic – A simple, yet powerful micro journaling app

I have a precarious, on-again, off-again relationship with journaling—mostly due to my perception of the work required to be what the world would categorize a ‘good’ journaler. As a recovering perfectionist, I place too much emphasis on writing something interesting overwriting something.

Journalistic aims to demolish my perfectionist instincts by creating a lightweight, easy to use journaling app. For those interested in self-reflection without all the fuss, it’s a great place to start.

That’s it for now. See you next week.

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Thanks for reading, and see you next week,

— Kevin K.

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