Intensity and Focus

Intensity and Focus
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"What you learn from the intensity and focus you had when under the influence of risk stays with you.”

Nassim Taleb

Selected Reading

1. Hit the Mute Button: Why Everyone Is Trying to Silence the Outside World by Richard Godwin

tl;dr, the rise of podcasts, voice assistants, and noise-canceling headphones has created an audio revolution. But, with this rise, comes an unexpected social change: social silence.

2. The Grooming Gap: What “Looking the Part” Costs Women by Mindy Isser

tl;dr, over the last few years, it’s fair to say that the workplace has certainly become more complicated for men; and yet, it pales in comparison to the complexities—and challenges—that women continue to experience as a result of societal pressures, expectations, and norms. The grooming gap exposes the catch-22 that women face while climbing the corporate ladder.

3. How Cities Shape Epidemics by Sonia Shah

tl;dr, social contracts shape contagion and highlight the truth behind an epidemic. The truly dangerous pathogens defy the social contract, while those with limited virulence are often quite mild. The difference is worth noting and should be heavily-weighted in our emotional reaction to a potential “pandemic.”

Product Recommendation

Get it done – Mobile To-Do Wallpaper

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? Maybe it’s time to stop trying to quick your phone and just give in to the fact that you’re addicted.

Alright? Are we good with that? Now what?

Make your phone work for you. Go ahead and hack that massively powerful tool in your pocket by putting productivity front-and-center, literally. Get it done turns your incessant need to check your phone into a productivity advantage. Give it a try, and turn your addiction into a productive habit.

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