Mental Models

Are They Helping or Hurting?
Mental Models
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Over the last five years, I've invested a lot of time learning about mental models, heuristics, and studying decision-making tools. Why? I realized that successful investors like Charlie Munger put a strong emphasis on consistent, repeatable decision frameworks. And, while I agree this process has a lot of value, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

“Mental models and frameworks are great shortcuts for problem solving, but sometimes life requires the scenic route.

The most interesting questions rarely fit into an existing model.”

A robust set of mental models and frameworks that I can reference during critical decisions, but what I find is that it narrows the applicable problem set. For example, a builder often struggles to imagine what they don't know how to build. To push yourself, sometimes you must break into the unknowns and explore the dark.

The beauty of life exists in the hidden complexities. This realization has reshaped how I evaluate and prioritize my time. But, more interestingly, it's allowed me to get comfortable with ambiguity.

I’d love to know how mental models have shaped—for good or bad—your thinking or changed your perspective.

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— Kevin K.

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